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Firearms Legal Protection

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    Apr 2021
    Macomb County

    Late Fathers Pistol/Long Rifle collection/Inheritance

    Looking to clean up a bakers dozen or so old (30+ years unused) rifles and pistols from late father.
    Suggestions for decent gunsmiths in tri county area of Detroit)

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    Oct 2013
    now is the time to learn

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    Depending on how old and what they are, "cleaning them up" can ruin the value.
    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

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    Jul 2002
    A little more info may get a better answer for you.
    By "clean up" are you talking about normal cleaning to be serviceable for target and/or hunting use or are you talking about extreme "clean up" such as re-bluing?
    Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.

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    Yeah same if it’s not sounding legit then maybe quit

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