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Firearms Legal Protection

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    The problem is not if a police agency has access to this program and any related items they might receive from it, its how they use these items from the program. If they don't have a good policy on utilizing the equipment properly, the agency/officers will use the equipment in a way that causes people to question the usefulness of the 1033 program. I see this program as a excellent way for cash strapped agencies to obtain equipment at low cost and many of the items available to them have excellent usefulness for the public an agency serves, if used properly. While not every department needs a MRAP vehicle or M16/M4, it sure beats having all this expensive taxpayer equipment otherwise get destroyed.

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    On one hand I think police agencies should have access to any and all equipment to keep them safe. Drug cartels/bad guys aren't restricted from obtaining weapons and equipment, because it hurts people's feelings, why should police?

    On the other hand the local police have been militarized considerably over the last 3-4 decades primarily due to the drug war. Lots of mission creep has occurred. Police as a representative/ tool of what some consider an oppressive govt has turned people against them. Will reigning in their access to military equipment change that? Probably not.
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    Sure, they can have all the select fire weapons and night vision goggles they want, but only if we can too (yes I know we can have them now but not easily.)
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    My in laws had police bust in their house for a raid. They got the address wrong and it was meant for the neighbor next door. Yikes imagine the scenario I think it ties to this post well in terms of regulation on the weapons allowed.

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    When the village of Hartland was treated to a police armored troop carrier in the memorial day parade , I'm like, wtf does Livingston cty need one of those for? The only purpose I can think of for is to bash your front door in and destroy your house.
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    I understand the difficult job the cops have and I support my local police but if I can't have it then the law enforcement arm of the government should not have it either.

    Imagine the police having all the equipment (arms) the military has and you and I limited to just shotguns, pistols, and only the rifles that are deemed allowable. Does anyone actually think the likes of Pelosi, Harris, Schumer, Whitmer, and their ilk would hesitate to order it all used to keep the commoners obedient?
    I'm glad I'm old and won't have to live very long under the tyranny that has begun.

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