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View Poll Results: How did you first learn about MGO?

4132. You may not vote on this poll
  • Referred by another

    1,973 47.75%
  • At A CPL Class

    128 3.10%
  • Search For Classifieds / Guns For Sale

    967 23.40%
  • Outdoorama or another event

    57 1.38%
  • Search for info on obtaining a CPL in Mi

    288 6.97%
  • Search for a firearm related legal opinion

    173 4.19%
  • Search for Hunting or outdoor related info

    116 2.81%
  • Other (please comment below)

    430 10.41%
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Thread: How did you learn about MGO?

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    I am a Forum User
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    Sep 2006

    How did you learn about MGO?

    If you replied "other" please let us know where, how, when etc.

    If this is your first time joining us please go to the intruduction section as well and tell us about yourself.

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    Good poll!

    I voted other.. I'm a founding member..

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    founding member......

    Own it Respect it Secure it

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    I wanted to join a Michigan based gun group.

    Searched google and here I am.

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    I am a Forum User
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    Sep 2006
    I have to credit dominus for the idea on this one

    I was a search on info regarding a CPL in Mi. Tallbear was quick to reply and eager to help. Thanks again Mike

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    I am a Forum User
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    Jan 2003
    Followed the masses.

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    I am a Forum User
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    Mar 2007
    Allen Park
    My brother told me about this site, after I asked him how and where I could learn more about carrying and the mind set one would want to have in doing so. I asked him (manic mechanic) where he learned about MGO, he thinks he picked up one of your pamphlets' somewhere. Either where he took his CPL class in Monroe or Westborn Gun Shop where we have both made purchases.

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    As I remember, I was on a PA gun forum, and thought that there must be a Michigan equivalent, then saw an ad in Woods & Water News
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    MGO Member remingtondude58's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    here (Macomb county)
    I learned of MGO from another member(harleydude1911)
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    I am a Forum User
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    Mar 2009
    Western MICHIGAN
    My father-in-law. Great guy!

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