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Thread: Prism Scope

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnJak View Post
    Looking for an inexpensive prism scope for an AR-15. I know cheap is not the way to go. I want to put it on my BIL AR without spending many dollars. I will gift it to him so my Sister doesn't get to excited on the $$$ for his JohnJak AR-15 build.
    As you probably already know one of the advantages of a prism sight over a red dot is that it eliminates problems for those people that have astigmatism. The etched reticle is sharp and clear with no fuzziness, flair or distortion. Another huge benefit that many overlook is if the battery dies or if there is any kind of failure with the LED illumination, the etched recticle is still totally visible and usable with no battery at all! It is a high contract black reticle in a bright clear view, similar to cross hairs in a scope!

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    I've a couple..a Burris 3x and a Primary Arms 4x...love both. Under 200 yards the best for a 'hunting' type rifle.

    (200 yrds is as far as my range goes...maybe good further, I dunno. I don't remember ever turning the illumination on, however, it's there if I need it)
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