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    Best fire arms course you took?

    Hey everybody what’s the best firearms course that you ever took? Curious to see what helped which ones didn’t would you recommend to someone who was just getting into it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garymac View Post
    Second that!

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    The only one I've ever taken was the home defense shotgun class at Top Gun. It was a good beginner class where I think you learn a lot of good stuff and the instructor was very pleasant.

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    Thanks I’ll go check those out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garymac View Post
    I’ve taken a dozen classes with live movement etc for handgun and carbine. If you haven’t taken AppleSeed, please take this first. You will learn the best fundamentals anywhere. After that, MDFI has great courses, Suarez international, and Jericho defense. Also anything at the MTC in lake city.

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    Hey James:

    I have taken a number of training courses and the appleseed and the CCW are good ones.

    Not saying it is the bestest but if you want to improve your marksmanship skills, and have a lot of fun while doing it, I recommend that you join a team.

    For rifle, you should join a local 3 position of 4 position smallbore rifle team.

    As for pistol, find your local bullseye team and start competing every week.

    While I am not competing much in rifle any more, I do compete in bullseye pistol a couple times a week all year long. Wintertime we compete indoors.

    If you would like some recommendations for local pistol teams, shoot me a pm and if you are near me I can direct you to matches next week.

    For what it is worth, I took a two day training course with Brian Zins and it was awesome. Google Brian Zins if you have to.


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    TDI snubby revolver & sub compact pistol class

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