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I have a Verifi S6000 and have had it for about 2 years. I've never had good luck with fingerprint readers (iPhone/iPad, laptops, commercial security entrances, kid's school, etc) due to dry skin, cuts, etc. I swore off any kind of fingerprint reader for a safe. Then I took a chance on this one based on some research... and it has been fantastic. You push a button, then place a finger on the reader, and the door unlocks in under a second. Plus, it has a good interface for programming fingerprints, audit logs, alerts, battery readings, and a built-in LED that shines inside the safe when the door opens.


I have several fingers saved in there, but it just simply works every time. It's a big fingerprint reader so it's easy to get your finger on the right spot quickly. I am in and out of it typically 2x / day (morning/night), and it gives you battery life percentage every time you close it. I change the batteries once per year and they are typically still 85% or so at that point.
Doe it have an alternate method of access (ie: hidden key lock) in the event that the electronics fails or the battery is dead?