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Firearms Legal Protection

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    Quote Originally Posted by diver dan View Post
    With all that being said , I still like the old 30/30 lever gun , it just brings something special to the hunt , and yes I am a old timer.
    And it has worked just fine for well over 100 years.

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    This is a pretty cool little rifle, optics and a suppressor on a 357 take down rifle isn’t a bad hunting rifle..

    I have one on order because I love suppressed lever action rifle

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    I became interested in accurate rifles and everything that goes along with it.

    The thought of shooting my hand reloads, including Lapua brass that might cost $2-$3 per shell, out of a semi automatic rifle that is going to fling it 15 ft away and handle it roughly, including potentially damaging the tips of the hollow point ammunition in chambering is not in the slightest way appealing to me. If the goal is having modest accuracy and using factory ammo that is basically throw away material, its a different story. One can build a very nice bolt action rifle using match barrels and other aftermarket parts for not that much money especially if you are happy with a base Savage rifle. If you step up to a fill custom action like a Shilen its a bit more money but not more than what an AR type rifle costs. There is an excellent custom rifle builder in Lansing https://www.pierceengineeringltd.com/.

    But in this field there is not much new, and likely not much left to invent. Its all just a matter of personal choice. So far I dont own a rifle with a custom action. Mine are all Savage conversions. Most of my barrels are Shilen, most of my triggers are either regular Savage accutrigger or Target Accutrigger. In the last nearly 10 years it has been virtually impossible to find spares like new triggers unless you buy a used rifle to cannibalize. My experience with (newer) Remington rifles has been such that I wont touch them. Honestly I'm not surprised they went bankrupt. Having said that the custom rifle industry is heavily biased to Remington style actions and triggers because of their historical popularity.

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    I thought this new Fightlight lever action AR was interesting. I have a Fightlight SCR lower that I use with my 350L, 450 BM and 300 blk uppers but I'd rather have the lever action one just because. I switched from a regular AR lower to the SCR because I like a conventional style rifle for hunting.

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