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Firearms Legal Protection

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    Livingston Gun Club Outlaw Carbine Match! PCC Centerfire and Rimfire April 16, 2023

    Outlaw Carbine Match! PCC Centerfire and Rimfire April 16, 2023

    Livingston Gun Club 2440 Hunter Rd. Brighton MI
    Sign in/registration 8:30am - 9:30am, first shots at 10:00am

    This will be a fun low key match, perfect for beginners as well as seasoned shooters
    Sign up is on Practiscore, payment will be at the match $20

    Match will be posted on Practiscore for registration.

    We asked the competitors at last year's matches and the consensus was to keep them fun, low key matches. Also, to make sure we don't take up most of the day and make it easier physically we are keeping it to the following:
    - 5 stages
    - Using ranges 3 through 7 only to reduce walking and travel time between stages

    • 3Gun Nation style Time Plus scoring will be used to keep it simple

    - One A zone hit neutralizes a target
    - Two hits anywhere neutralizes a target
    - Steel will be painted and not need to fall to score
    - Failure to neutralize is + 5 seconds to your raw time

    • All other safety, match, and target scoring rules used by nationally recognized organizations will be used to keep it safe and familiar, especially chamber flags, muzzle direction when casing and uncasing, staging area rules etc.
    • Violation of safety rules will result in disqualification.


    1) Iron sighted PCC (15 round mag limit) - open sights, no lights, no laser, etc. (pistol caliber carbine – 9mm, .40cal, .45cal)
    2) Open PCC (15 round mag limit)
    3) Iron sighted .22LR Rimfire (15 round mag limit) - open sights, no lights, no laser, etc.
    4) Open .22LR Rimfire (15 round mag limit)

    • 15 round magazine capacity limit (you can have a larger magazine, but load capacity is 15 rounds)
    • No rifle calibers!

    In order to keep the flow and timing

    • Magazine pouches/carrier devices required and to be on body – includes pockets
    • Only detachable box magazine fed firearms capable of speed reloads by changing magazines will be allowed – no tube magazine .22LR
    • Minimum magazine capacity is 10 rounds

    Examples of acceptable Firearms

    • Ruger 10/22 or similar clones with 10 round or greater magazine capacity
    • M&P 15/22
    • Any legal center fire Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) 9mm, .40cal, .45cal
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