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    Optics for a Savage 99?

    I intend to go old school this year and hunt with a Savage 99 Featherweight in .300 Savage. The rifle is already drilled and tapped with a Leupold mount but no scope mounted..

    I am trying to figure out what glass to put on it. I have two scopes in my safe that I could use, a Zeiss Diavari 1.5-6x or a Kahles 3-9.

    Where I hunt I am highly unlikely to have a shot past 200 yards and more likely much closer.

    Thoughts? I considered getting a new Leupold 2-7 but I would rather not spend the money.
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    IMO after 40+ years collecting Michigan white tails... it's hard to go wrong with a 3 X 9. One key is the scopes ability to gather light. That maybe more important than the power (especially under 100 yards). A 40 mm is a good all round size.


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    Agree. A 3x9 in your described conditions is more than you'll need.
    Without knowing the exact model I'll go out on a limb and say the Kahles is a 42mm objective (just like the Zeiss is a 42mm) so that's a wash.
    If you have the #8 reticle in the Zeiss, that would be my pick - unless your hunting area is an early morning/dusk movement, then the Kahles (maybe) with a slightly better twilight factor.
    Even with a fixed parallax at 110yds - I'd still pick the Zeiss, unless you have an older Kahles with the "Multi-Zero" system (the 300 Sav can have a ~3"-6"+ drop depending on your zero range and quoted max distance).

    Either way, both are perfectly fine for your .300 Savage.
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    Your Kahles 3-9 will be plenty enough.

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    In Michigan I favor low power variable scopes. Most of my shots are well under a hundred yards. The low end gives a great field of view and if you see something farther away, you have plenty of time to dial up to 6X.
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    I just replaced the 1-4.5X scope on my Savage 99 308 with a 3-9x. The 4.5x just wasn't enough magnification on a buck at 200 yards last season. He was across a ravine in thick woods.
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