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Firearms Legal Protection

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    Tavor 7 improvements?

    Im not a newb here, just not a regular participant:
    • I tried advanced searching Tavor 7, and found nothing, maybe I did something wrong.
      In case I didnt, Id thought Id start a post.

    I won a Tavor 7 (16.5/7.62x51) in a charity raffle and all the reviews Ive been seeing are implying 3 MOA. Its shipping to my LGS, as such I havent had a chance to get it to the range.
    • With a 1:12 rifling, Im not entirely surprised.

    3MOA is fine for 100y or less, but generally speaking it’s a bit too sloppy for a battle rifle for engagement distances where .308 is well suited. “Engagement”, I know, I know

    Im curious if anybody knows of any aftermarket upgrades, or even gunsmith services?
    • All I can find are Manticore Arms fore-ends and curved buttstock.
      IWI has a 20 barrel option, but its also 1:12 as well.

    Maybe I take it to the range a few times for fun and then just sell it and my .308 SA Saint Victor, and buy a proper DMR and better glass.

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    Ive watched live tests on youtube way better than 3 moa, more like right around 1 moa.

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    I consistently get 2 MOA with mine, bone stock, with Hornady hunting ammo.
    With Fed Premium 168’s I get real close to MOA with a Vortex LPVO.

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