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    Double Barrel Shotgun that has "Progress" stamped onto the side

    A friend of mine bought a double barrel (side by side) shotgun that only has one marking on it. It is a deer with the word Progress inside the deer. It says it is made in Belgium.

    I was wondering id anyone could give us any more information on the gun. Is the company that made it called Progress? Any range of years these were made? Anything else anyone might know?

    Thank you for any information you can give us!

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    I can't tell you much about it, but the folks at Shotgunworld.com probablye can: http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/index.php?c=4
    They have a section for people to ask questions regarding identifying a shotgun.
    I poked around there, but did not find anything specific, so you will probably have to post a message.

    Also, I found a thread on another forum with some info about Belgian proof marks. It might be helpful, although it doesn't say anything about "progress".
    Here is the link:

    Good luck!
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    Found this... Looking at the prices, if your bud's gun is a related to these, he might have hit the jackpot.


    Just like their express rifle counterparts, the Progress shotguns are built on the Chapuis Armes double under lug locking system. This gives them a very sleek shape and exceptional strength. The incredible balance and light weight of these all steel shotguns make them very fast handling and a joy to carry.

    Stocks are sculpted from Circassian or French walnut in either traditional English straight grip or pistol grip, with a semi-beaver tail forend. Barrel lengths include 24”, 26”, and 28”. Barrels can be bored, polished, and internally shaped for steel shot on request. Barrels are choked per customer request and fitted with ejectors and full length ribs unless otherwise requested. Sling swivels available at no charge on request. Calibers include : 12 ga. 2 ¾”, 12 ga. 3” 16 ga. 2 ¾”, and 20 ga. 3”.

    Chrome bores, Coin finish on the receiver, Ejectors, English scroll engraving, Double triggers, Hand checkering, Dimensions on stock per customer request, Shipped in a molded case.

    RGP MODEL - Box lock model with AAA walnut and plastic butt plate

    Cal. / Retail
    12 and 16- 2 ¾” / $2600
    Cal. 12- 3” / $2700
    20- 3” / $2900

    RP MODEL - Box lock with side plates, AAAA walnut, Rosewood butt plate

    Cal. / Retail
    12 and 16 - 2 ¾” / $3600
    12 - 3” / $3700
    20 - 3” / $3900

    Sculptured box lock receiver, Full coverage medium relief hand engraving, Floral décor and game scenes, AAAAA Fancy walnut, Shipped in a trunk type fabric covered case.

    Cal. / Retail
    12 and 16 - 2 ¾ / $5800
    12 - 3” / $5900
    20 - 3” / $6200

    Same as above except: Box lock with side plates, Floral décor with “al bulino” game scenes.
    Cal. / Retail
    12 and 16 - 2 ¾” / $7000
    12 - 3” / $7100
    20 - 3” / $7500

    Hand sculpted receiver, Coin finish, Exhibition Grade Walnut, Rosewood butt plate, Medium relief engraving with “al bulino” game scenes, Fitted linen and leather trunk case.

    Sculpted Box Lock
    All Cal. Retail-$9500

    Model with Side Plates
    All Cal. Retail- $13000

    Special stock designs and wood upgrades
    Splinter forend
    Extra barrels- Rifle and smoothbore
    Special bore finish for steel shot
    Custom engraving patterns
    Single non-selective trigger
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    Chapius is a French company.
    Without seeing pictures it is difficult to say for certain,but the only "Progress" brand I have ever seen was a rabbit ear double made for the hardware store type businesses .

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    Without seeing pictures..Without seeing pictures...Without seeing pictures...??!!
    Regards, sse

    P.S. mail it

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    I forgot all about making this thread.

    Update: My friend gave the gun to me because he's having trouble with the firing pin for one of the triggers. I gave him $10 for it.

    I highly doubt this gun is one of the ones mentioned above. I checked out the link and those guns look really beautiful and have intricate engraving, this gun does not.

    Here are some pictures.

    On the top of the gun between the barrels it says "Belgium" and "Fine Damascus Barrels" but you can't read it in the picture.

    The writing inside the deer on both side is the word "Progress".

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    Damascus twist barrels were made for blackpowder loads. Do not fire with modern smokeless loads! It is unsafe with modern ammo!

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    I am a Forum User
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    May 2010
    Saginaw, MI
    I haven't fired it at all but my friend that I got it from had fired it a few times. After I started trying to find out info on this gun I did find out that it was made for black powder loads and that's all I'll ever use in it.

    But thank you for warning, much appreciated.

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    Progress Shotgun

    Did you ever learn any more about this gun? I have the same (or similar) one as well.

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